I'm Gioele Pannetto
Fullstack developer
Who am I

Hi! I'm Gioele Pannetto, a 16 years old programming enthusiast boy. I have this passion since I was 3 years old, the year my father gifted me my first computer. When I was 7 I developed my first Visual Basic script. At the age of 10 I created my first website in HTML and CSS, and so on with other programming languages not only for the web. I also created some websites for relatives and friends, and with this I realized that in addition to the passion for the computers, I also have the passion for helping others. I hope to help you as well!

Gioele Pannetto
My projects

In 2020 I started to collaborate with the owners of the social network to give a new life to the website. We redisigned the whole site.
The website was born in 2009 and today has more than 200.000 registred users with over 5 milions posts sent.